Adherents of a responsable and eco-friendly tourism. Experts in wine and food tour in the Rhône Valley, Beaujolais and Coteaux du Lyonnais areas, we will take you off the beaten track to discover an authentic territory.

OUR PHILOSOPHY since ever !

We are 100% defenders of slow tourism.
We believe that to discover a country, a culture, a territory, you have to take time to understand and appreciate it.
Today everything goes very fast, too fast, we need to go back to real values, to what is essential.
In our daily lives, the influx of information is massive. At some point, our brain can no longer absorb anything, and the need to disconnect is real.
Your memories will be deeply anchored in your mind and not only in your camera!
Escape the city, the noise, the world!
Our tours are off the beaten track! We take you away from the busy tourist areas, to quiet, timeless places where you will feel shut out from the world!
Come and take a breath of fresh air and discover magical, authentic and unique places!
We are anti-mass tourism, all our tours are in small groups of maximum 8 people.
With family, friends, colleagues or just on your own, you will experience memorable moments!


Driver guides at your service to help you discover the fabulous wine, food and cultural heritage of the Lyon region.


General manager and

Laurent TRAN

General manager and Co-founder

Mathilde Sauviac

Guide and wine tour designer

Thelma Laborderie

Support sales and operation


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